Partner with Tiko

Tiko is fully funded through valued donor support which has enabled us to develop an ecosystem approach to delivering verified sexual and reproductive health impact for more than 2.5 million young people. These partnerships allow Tiko to continuously improve the SRH services available, while scaling up community-based SRH solutions that empower all stakeholders, from community-based organisations, mobilisers and clients to health service providers and local retailers.

Why partner with Tiko?

Tiko brings real time data and verifiable results to the non-profit sector in order to deliver real and measurable impact for all stakeholders, from young people to donors. Through embedding our smart technology within local communities and health systems, Tiko is scaling a truly resilient model of healthcare across sub-Saharan Africa.

Real-time data

Our partners and donors have access to our live dashboard for a real-time view of our collective impact. 

This enables all stakeholders to keep track of current outcome achievements or potential challenges to enable true transparency and accountability – keeping us agile, intentional and outcomes based.

Verifiable Results

Our impact results are verified – through third-parties, partners, users, and built-in authentication safeguards, enabled by emerging technologies. Our ability to provide verifiable data provides confidence that our efforts and your investments are truly affecting a positive change – setting a new industry standard. 

Lasting Purposeful Partnerships

We provide healthcare solutions with direct services by partnering with existing, reputable, local SRH providers that deliver value at cost per impact. That means looking at the entire ecosystem and finding new and improved ways of operating. By allocating resources more efficiently, we can invest in partners that deliver results, rather than compete with them.

Local implementation

Partnering with existing, reputable, local SRH providers that deliver value at cost per impact, rather than competing with them.


Lucia Santirso Richards

Investment Director, Bridges Outcomes Partnerships

Having worked with Triggerise (now Tiko) through the design of the Development Impact Bond, we have been so impressed with their ability to track and use data to continuously innovate to deliver better outcomes for the youth they serve.

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