Tiko is focused on providing high-quality, youth-friendly SRH services to young people across sub-Saharan Africa. While our core offer is contraception, we are now moving beyond these services to other areas that impact the longer-term health and well being of young people, such as HIV, sexual and gender-based violence, mental health and menstrual hygiene management.

At Tiko, our role is to enable young people to do more with their lives. That’s why we are expanding into areas outside of traditional sexual and reproductive health, to implement tangible, client-centred solutions that empower young people across the spectrum of their health needs.

  • Cash transfers and bursaries
  • Livelihoods and skills-building
  • Back-to-school support
  • Response to the needs of 10 to 14-year-olds
  • Support for young mothers and child
  • Healthy pregnancy for teens
  • Nutrition for young mothers and infants
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