About Tiko

Through technology and data, we power community-based healthcare solutions for youth that are accessible, adaptable, scalable and locally relevant.

Tiko is an African non-profit organisation. We work with local, established networks to provide services tailored to the needs of youth in their own communities.

At Tiko, we believe that youth deserve the power to choose where, when, and how they meet their sexual and reproductive health needs. 

Together with our partners, we’re working towards a world where youth have more control over their health choices and paths, and can do more with their lives.

Do more with Tiko

Tiko was created to revolutionise how the non-profit sector delivers impact. Core to our operating model is Tiko’s innovative technology platform, built to unite an ecosystem of local partners and enable positive health decisions through a data-driven approach.

Founded in 2014, Tiko set out to revolutionise the social impact sector by integrating technology into its core operating model, thereby tackling inefficiencies in the provision of healthcare. Traditional aid often created an unsustainable reliance on parallel distribution, fragmented service delivery systems and upstream subsidy schemes

From the start, Tiko aimed to transform this framework by building healthcare solutions from within the communities they serve, working with local actors to unify existing healthcare players into a cohesive ecosystem, leveraging their strengths and building resilience. Tiko’s model would use technology to ensure that support reached target groups, and that the impact of that support would be verified. With the ability to identify every unique user, it would be able to reach them with targeted subsidies and nudges.

Today, Tiko has delivered sexual and reproductive health impact for more than 2.5 million young people and is recognised as an up and coming African NGO in sub-Saharan Africa’s healthcare sector, driven by the core values it was founded upon.

“For us at Tiko, providing sexual reproductive health services to Sub-Saharan African youth is a pragmatic strategy towards achieving gender equality and sustainable development”.



Tiko, and its fundraising arm, Triggerise, are established with support from Population Services International and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The concept is an ecosystem approach designed to increase the efficiency of aid delivery using local partners and an SMS platform, called Movercado.

2015 to 2017

Prototyping and piloting multiple approaches

Triggerise partners with Population Services International across multiple countries and refines the concept of “Tiko”, a membership programme aimed at improving access to health care services. Lessons are learnt as some programmes fail, while key initiatives in Kenya and India flourish. Partnering with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, Triggerise launches a flagship initiative across three counties in Kenya, to deliver free contraception via its platform.

2018 to 2019

Focusing and maturing

Ensuring that the use of technology doesn’t exclude key segments of the youth population, Triggerise develops a ‘No-tech, high-tech’ solution enabling users without a phone to access the platform benefits, while investing in high-tech solutions to impact verification processes. Seeing its approach deliver the greatest impact within the adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health space, Triggerise positions Tiko as a platform aimed at improving healthcare access for young people, through behavioural science and targeted subsidies.

2020 to 2023

Preparing for scale up

In September 2020, Triggerise and Tiko launch the world’s first Development Impact Bond (DIB) for adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health, with the support of the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. This DIB, started in the middle of the COVID pandemic and awarded to Tiko’s work in Kenya, signals the organisation’s growing leadership in the SRH and innovative financing space. Triggerise clarifies its vision to be the go-to platform for verified sexual and reproductive health impact, and now focuses solely on sub-Saharan Africa, with programmes across Kenya, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia.


Innovating and growing

The brand Tiko was used from inception as the user-facing brand, with Triggerise as its fundraising arm. In 2024, the organisation combines both business streams under the name Tiko in a rebrand which unifies its communication and simplifies its message. 

Tiko moves its headquarters to Cape Town, South Africa, and confirms a predominantly African and female-led Supervisory Board. With ambitious scale-up plans, Tiko expands its offering, broadening its impact to deliver more value to adolescent girls and young women. Tiko is an African non-profit organisation working with local, established networks to provide access to services tailored to the needs of youth in their own communities.

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